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    sync and/or Paste doesn't work consistenly

    GeorgeThe Great

      Developing 2600 shots from a single days shoot and when I try Copy/Paste or Sync (either method) and then go through the pictures the paste (or sync) isn't applied correctly or at least isn't used. In Develop mode I hit the right arrow to go through the pictures (I had just pasted/synced) and for a split second you can see the correct settings but then it changes back to its previous settings in bright white text.


      This was happening in Lightroom 5 so using my creative cloud I upgraded to Lightroom cc2015 (latest version) and the issue was still there. I exported just that one set of pictures to a new catalog and the issue was still there.  Then I moved that exported catalog to an external drive and tried it on my MacBook Pro and it happened there too. (Lightroom cc 2015 again.)


      The 2600 pictures are from a Canon I have used a TON of times. I have always converted the images on import to .dng files (unfortunately I do NOT in this case have the Raw images to use.)


      First Computer: Mac Mini  8GB RAM and TB drive space

      Second Computer MacBook Pro  8GB RAM and 250GB drive space SSD

      Tried Lightroom 5 and Lightroom cc 2015


      I have used multiple catalogs and multiple computers but I can't get the paste / Sync to stick causing me to have to use each picture individually and is costing me TIME = Money. Looking for HELP Please.