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    ViewStack newbie question

    savyasachi Level 1
      I am a newbie to Flex development and trying to understand how the flexstore sample is developed. Spent lot of time understanding how the ViewStack container in the flexstore.mxml file is recognizing the HomeView, ProductsView and SupportView child custom components and was unsuccessful. Could you please help me the steps on how to create the ViewStack. The steps that I followed are below, please let me know if I missing anything:
      1. Created a basic flex project called DummStore
      2. Created two custom mxml component files DummyChild1.mxml and DummyChild2.mxml files that contains basic panel and label controls
      3. In the main Application mxml file, defined the ViewStack container and added DummyChild1 and DummyChild2 as childviews

      When I saved the file, I am getting errors saying that DummyChild1 and DummyChild2 are not defined....etc.

      Please let me know how do I make the the child views are visible to the main mxml application.