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    Error 78::2 (something to do with bit depth)


      Hello all
      So, my problem is that when i work in 8 bits in AFX, everything works fine, but when i switch to 32 bits, sometimes everything works fine, but usually it gives me this error:


      After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {all render requests into a node must have the same bit depth}

      (78 :: 2)


      When i was setting up the render settings, i left bpc at 32 and everything was fine. Until after 2 and a half hours later into the render, it crashed and the same error appeared.

      I am using After Effects 2014 CC 13.1.1.
      For the footage I am using rendered images from 3ds max in .tga (with alpha) format.

      Funny thing is that all the render targas were with the same setting in 3ds max but it crashed only on a particular one.

      Any other info you need to know to help identify this problem? Let me know.
      I haven't seen any issues with this anywhere.

      Any ideas? Thanks!