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    Missing Audio Effect - Internal Volume 16 Channel = Timeline Issues

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      Putting this up here as I have not really found much to read around the subject online but I have recently been encountering a strange error message when loading up some of our Premiere Pro projects.


      First problem is that when when the project loads it throws up an error saying that is is missing an audio effect:





      Audio Filter missing:  Internal Volume 16 Channel




      Looking at certain audio clips it is possible to see that an effect appears to be missing however it can not simply be deleted from the clip. I have searched the system, and there is no such effect and I am 99.9% sure that there was as I maintain the systems. I also can not find a reference to the effect anywhere online.


      Secondly I found that two editors on a project were having problems with their timelines in that when zooming in the timeline visual would lag heavily and become distorted and unusable. The only way to reset it was to zoom all the way out but then zooming in would mess it up again. Initially as a visual issue I put the the problem down to the GPU and maybe a driver error however other projects were fine.


      Updating and playing about with configs for the GPU and Adobe did nothing to remedy the problem however interestingly when I checked both the editors workflows they had both used normalised on their audio through the audio gain tool. When I reset their audio the timeline issue disappeared!


      I still get the error warning on opening up the project but I am putting that down to the fact I probably backed up the timelines before resetting the issue is still present in the project but not affecting as not in actively used work.


      I am guessing that under the hood somehow the normalise function is actually perceived as an unseen effect by the software and some sort of glitch brings this to the fore as a visible effect which in turn becomes missing as it is not actually present in the installed effects. How this ends up affecting the visual of the timeline I am not even going to speculate but I thought I would post this here so that anyone else running into the issue might find a work around and Adobe might like to have a look at it if they stumble across this.

      The closest I have found to the issue was here:



      Audio Filter missing:Internal volume stereo