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    Cannot compile anything other than default.as

      Hello group, have downloaded trial Flex Builder, installed 2.0.143 on xp pro. Have debugger 9.0.28 successfully installed. Have been able to write mxlm and run file. Though now I need to compile/run large as3 file. Create project and compile and run is ok as default.as. When I create a package and do import that works but the compiler in the package folder does not show compile errors.

      Even if I try to produce error or take default.as with compile errors and put them in created folder compiler does not see the errors as it did when it was in root as default.as.

      Also cannot get a trace to show up? Did a search on c:\ for mm.cfg cannot find? Did uninstall and re-install samething?

      Also line numbers on files drop out at times even though they are invoke in preferences and I only have one perspective?

      Can any one help?