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    Incorrect chapter number in numbered lists


      I'm having a problem with numbered lists within a paragraph style.


      What I want to achieve is fairly simple - within each chapter of a book, I want the figures to be listed as "Chapter.FigNumber" for example:-


      Chapter 1: Figure 1.1, Figure 1.2 etc

      Chapter 2: Figure 2.1, Figure 2.2 etc


      I have set up a paragraph style for figure references, using the following options:-


      The problem is that the program does not seem to recognize the correct chapter number, so instead of e.g. Figure 3.1 in Chapter 3, I get Figure 5.1. This applies to most chapters in the book, and the wrong chapter numbers are also non-sequential, e.g. Chapter 1 thinks it is Chapter 2, Chapter 2 knows it is Chapter 2, Chapter 3 thinks it is Chapter 5...


      I cannot understand where the code ^H in the above field is picking up it's information from. I assume that if I find this source and correct that, the numbering will then work.


      It cannot be the document title, as this is clearly labelled "Number - Title", nor can it be from the ordering of the documents within the Book function, as I have deliberately positioned the chapters such that "01 - Title" is the first document in the Book, and consecutively thereafter.


      The documents were not created by me, and the original author has over-engineered most of the features. It would not surprise me if he has created or altered a setting which defines the chapter number, and then has changed the way the chapters are ordered without undoing his original setting.


      Any suggestions appreciated.



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          mw341 Level 1

          OK, I've answered my own question! But I will leave it here in case anyone else has the same problem.


          Within the "Pages" panel the original author had for some reason opted for these settings:-

          i.e. he had falsely set the chapter number to 5 when it should have been 3, and so on.


          Over and out!