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    slow workflow


      I have a problem, when i open on my new iMac 5k 3.5 i5 16gb ram 2tb graphics several images, like..100 photos when i open i have to wait for every photo to process until i see it really sharp and clear, anybody has this problem? my question is if i can downgrade from camera raw 9.0 to 8.5 maybe will be faster:) thank you.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          It's just the nature of the (digital) beast, especially if they're RAW files. You can try adjusting the Camera Raw cache. (Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + K to get there with Camera Raw active.) It might not be as much as a benefit depending on use, though.

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            razvanl34904489 Level 1

            Hello! thank you, do you thins that if i will use some thunderbolt connections with a ssd drive where i will locate photos that i'm working on, it will be faster faster? have a nice day

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Well...where you might see an improvement is using an SSD as a scratch disk/cache...but even then it's pretty much negligible compared to RAM, CPU or GPU upgrades (in that order). RAM is the biggest denominator (and you have a lot). Opening a file and/or applications would certainly be faster but rendering the RAW file is an entirely different matter.

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                razvanl34904489 Level 1

                In past i had an windows sistem with 2,4 quad core and 2 sad one for sistem and another for what photos i m editing, it was pretty fast..for 8 gb ram:) that's why i'm a little disapointed after i received my imac...it is very good configuration..but i thing fusion drive it's not enough for my work flow:) after i was worked on SSD:D