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    CF10 Scheduled Task Stopping without any specific cause logged

    zadi1 Level 1

      As of yesterday, I noticed our scheduled task was not running, so I paused and started the task again in efforts to do a soft reset and it still did not run. I checked every single error log possible in ColdFusion applications directory and windows server log and still did not see anything that would explain why it just stopped running all of the sudden. I ended up having to do a restart on all CF services on the server and it started to work again. I check the server again this morning and see that it stopped exactly at 11:59 PM last night and it was just a few hours before that when I restarted CF services.


      Does anyone have any clue as to why or where I can look into to determine cause of our scheduled task just stopping on its own? The interval is set to 1 minute and its set to run infinitely. I looked in the CF scheduler logs and there was nothing in there that indicated any errors.


      Disk space seems to be fine and everything seems to be working as far as I've been checking. This is a front facing website with 200-300 users going in and out daily so I'm usually to first to hear if something isn't working the way it should be. Memory and disk space seems to be fine. This morning, I ended up setting the time to start within the next minute and it seems to have worked without requiring a restart on services, but I'm more worried on when it will stop working again and really need to find out what's causing this or how I can find out.


      Server Details 

      Server Product  ColdFusion

      Version  ColdFusion 10,286680

      Edition  Enterprise  

      Operating System  Windows Server 2008 R2  

      OS Version  6.1

      Adobe Driver Version  4.1 (Build 0001)