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    imported .gif

      I'm using RH for HTML Help X4.1. I'm creating graphis using Visio 2000, version 5.1.26. I save the visio graphics as a .gif and import them into my help topics. On Visio, they look fine, but when I import them, RH enlarges the frame that contains them so that there is a large top margin, putting lots of space between the top of the graphic proper and the top of the RH frame. This puts a lot of space between the bottom of the topic text and the top of the graphic. All of the sizing margins are set to 0, and if I drag the top of the frame down closer to the graphic, it distorts the image. How can I get rid of that large top margin so the graphic can be snug up against the bottom of the topic text? I've created hundreds of graphics using Visio for WinHelp, and I've never had this problem. Don't know if the problem is with Visio or with RH HTML.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi davjsim

          I regularly accomplish this by setting a negative bottom margin. But you can't do it using the spin box controls provided. You will have to manually type the value. Try perhaps -5. Then click OK out of the dialogs and see how the image looks. Repeat as necessary until you find your magic number.

          Cheers... Rick
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            davjsim Level 1
            Hi Rick,
            I'll try that, but if not in the spin box controls, where do I set the bottom margin?