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    Data Service Connection Problem - Flex Project vs. Flex Mobile Project

    hissizadam Level 1

      I try to develop a simple android application, using flash builder.

      It's a very simple classic database listing and paging app.


      I  have a database (php/mysql) and I want to list database

      in datagrid and sort the coloumns (asc. dsc)


      If i create flex project it's work.

      as you know, for connect to database create a new service

      and install a zend framework and i list all data in web browser.






      after i create to Flex Mobile Project

      select an android, build a app. tahh, url vs. like a flex project

      and try to connect database, after the zend framework install

      i see an error about gateway.php



      how can i solve this problem?

      can i use flex project in flex mobile project

      or how can i connect a database with flex mobile project

      and how can i correct a java error gateway.php.


      i can't understand the difference.


      where do i made a mistake and what can i do?


      thanks in advance