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    Blogger onto Coldfusion Site?


      I am new to this but I am confused and have an easy (hopefully question). My company is going to create a blog. Then we would like to put that blog into our company site, which is already developed in ColdFusion. We would like to use Blogger or Wordpress, but are open to other options as well- depending on what will work with ColdFusion. Please help!


      What will work with ColdFusion??


      I have done this before, but with Wix and Weebly- so they were premade and easy sites. ColdFusion makes it a little more difficult.


      Thank you!!

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          Steve Sommers Level 4

          For years we used mangoBlog. It is a CF application and was easy to tweak for our needs. We did recently switch to WordPress -- I'm not a fan but our marketing department likes it. I'm not sure what they have now that they didn't in mangoBlog.


          I'm not exactly sure what question you are asking, any will work with a ColdFusion site; it's more a question of your requirements and how much direct integration you require between the two applications. With us now, the blog is basically stand-alone with a similar template -- separate user login, etc., whereas with mangoBlog we had a single login.