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    Table of Contents structure issue after eporting EPUB (Indesign CC 2014)


      When exporting my .indd file to EPUB reflowable, I am seeing something I can't figure out with the resulting navigation view (as seen in Digital Editions).


      If you'll see the attached image, you'll notice that underneath "List of Entries (Alphabetical from A to Z)," there is the first entry (Abandoned Vehicles). For some reason, however, the rest of the entries are one more "level" deep, though they should all be on the same level.


      I'm having the TOC pull from my H2 paragraph style, and I can't see any difference between the style of these first two entries.


      Anyone know what I may have done incorrectly here or what setting I should look for?


      A to Z navigation Digital Editions.jpg

      A to Z entry.jpg