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    can't open lightroom


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      When I try to start my new installed Lightroom testversion, i get these messages...

      I says Cant create the needed folder... and the second one says, a fault happened when module should be changed.

      Any suggestions

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          deepakg1988 Adobe Employee

          Hi Magnusb7204416,


          It looks like the permission issue.

          I believe you are using the Lightroom 6/CC version of the Lightroom. Please go to this location ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe


          The Screenshot is Attached Below, please check it for reference

          slide 1.png 


          Right Click on the Lightroom Folder and Choose Get info.


          Un-check the padlock icon. Enter your MAC password, and give read and write access to all of the user name show in the Screenshot below. Also make sure that your user name is reflected in the box under sharing and permission, if in case your user name is not reflected in the sharing and permission box, please click on the "+" icon below and add it, give it the read and write access and close the padlock. close the get info window. launch the Lightroom

          The screenshot is attached below, please check it for reference.

          slide 2.png

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            magnusb7204416 Level 1

            Does not work with the above.. I have all the access and so on...

            But still the message above appear...


            Any other suggestions ?


            This is the 30-day trial version I downloaded.. On a Imac, with Yoesemite

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              deepakg1988 Adobe Employee

              The same Folder is on two location in the mac.


              please make sure to went to the user library which is hidden by default.


              the path for the user library is ~/library/application folder/adobe