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    How can I tell InDesign that only two pages of my bulletin have color on them and the remaining 6 pages are to be printed in black only? I am being charged for all color.


      My InDesign print program is sending to our toshiba copier that all 10 pages of my bulletin are in color when only two of the pages have some color on them and the other 6 pages are black. The copier company is charging

      us .06 per page for color when it should be .01 for the 6 black pages. This is getting expensive.


      A tech from Toshiba was here today and contact someone that knew InDesign in their office and could not figure it out. I do not know anything about InDesign other than what I was taught on producing a bulletin that was already created.

      I know the 6 pages are all black ink because I asked for help last month on this site and was directed on what to do. 


      Thank you for any help you can give me.