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    So individual drives or large raid cluster?


      I've looked at the tweaker page - but I'm still not sure I understand correctly. Is it better to have single driver setups, say a small raid for capture and a separate drive for export, separate for preview... or is it better to just have a super fast Raid that has all of those (except your OS) on it together?


      Tweaker page says individual disks, but then recommends an SSD for OS and programs and a single raid for everything else?


      Help lol

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          the idea for having separate drives is to increase speed by spreading read/write across multiple drives. as ssd's keep getting faster and faster, the need for separate drives for speed is being negated. if you are doing video capture, it may still be a good idea to keep that drive(s) separate from other uses to prevent other processes interfering with a capture. raid is used for redundancy, but also still popular as an affordable solution for large and fast storage solutions. currently, 10tb as hdd's may cost $500, vs 10tb as ssd's $4,000. so whats better is a matter of convenience vs speed vs budget.

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            Palanza87 Level 1

            Good info, well more specifically - here is the two options I'm trying to decide between.


            1. OS/Programs on SSD

            2. Export Disk, (2) wd black 1tb Hd's in mobo raid 0

            3. preview files (1) 500gb wd black

            4. capture/media drive Raid 3 of (5) 1tb wd black Hd's with dedicated acrea raid controller




            1. OS/Prgrams on SSD

            2. Everything else on a raid 3 of say (5) 2 tb wd black Hd's


            The second way is much simpler, but I was under the impression you don't want to be reading and writing to the same drive, like EVER. But its recommended on the tweakers page, so what the heck?

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              Well it depends on you workflow and what you are doing.


              Hard drives still have a place if you need lots of data on-line.  If you have lots of smaller projects and can get by with off-line archiving your older data then I am advocating go to the much much faster SSD's and yes I believe some people can readily get by with two SSD drives one smaller one for the OS/Applications and the other larger one for projects.  If you have projects that need to have on-line Terabytes then you can see SSD's are quite expensive for that kind of storage.


              The only reason why a few years ago that 3-5 drives were suggested was that hard drive are so slow that you needed to spread the load to multiple devices or make costly RAID systems.  My current build for my editing and workflow on a X99 platform will have two high-end SSD's and an external eSATA docking station where any hard drive can very simply be plugged in to access old media or projects.


              I do weddings, events, concerts and even with three AVCHD cameras I have yet to see anything much over 50 GB.  Now if you are doing a Hollywood 4K full length feature that is another subject.

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                Palanza87 Level 1

                Bill, you described exactly my line of work. So with a SSD, the read/write is fast enough that I don't really need to concern myself with writing and reading from the same disk? So my files could be on the same disk I'm exporting to?


                As long as I have 300-400 mbs+ read/write




                should I just have individual drives still for everything but as SSDs?

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  On my laptop I have Samsung 840 Pro drives (now it would be 850 Pro's) these are 500 MB/second class devices.  My workstation has a 500 MB/second OS/Application/Media Cache.SSD and I am extremely pleased with the Samsung SM951 M.2 512 GB that plugs into my X99 motherboard and has read rates of ~2000 MB/sec and write rates of ~1500 MB/seconds.  Of course to get that performance you need a PCIe 3.0 x4 slot available

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                    alexdejesus Level 1

                    The Tweaker's page has been around for a while now and it's interesting to read some of the posts from years ago. A lot of the advice, while basically wise, is based on old information and equipment that is several generations ago. It takes some effort to distinguish what is applicable today. Storage is one of those things where attitudes have changed. People seemed skeptical of SSDs at first, and putting them in RAID was unthinkable. And now, SATA SSDs already seem to be going extinct since the new M.2 and PCI-E based drives are being used. I guess the thing to do now is to get a bunch of cheaper SSDs and RAID them. Maybe have one really good one for OS. If not for the prices, I'm guessing we would probably never see spinning HDDs except for archival storage.