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    Replace Footage Issue


      Greetings -

      I'm working with an AE template I got from Video Blocks. Its a slideshow basically. When I go to replace their images in the images folder with mine, it seems to only work the first slide or two and then it stops.


      Here's what I mean...


      Their Image is always titled "ImageBlock.jpg". I create my image to be the exact same size as theirs. When I "Replace Footage" > File > MyImage.jpg it gives me this in the project area: MyImage[2-10].jpg instead of MyImage.jpg  In the timeline then, all I see is a blackscreen. Granted, I'm new to AE but usually pretty savy with this stuff! But for the life of me, can't figure out why the first one or two in a series of ten will work, and then the rest get replaced with nothingness.


      Please. Help. My keyboard's life depends on it.