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    error opening url 'file ///undefined' xml on game



      English is not my native language so I hope you can understand this clearly



      I have a problem with this code

      its a wordsearch game with an xml file where you can found it in these links

      I want to use it localy not on the internet so I put the security option to access to local files on the publish settings

      http://www.subtangent.com/flash/wordsearch.fla.zip - fla

      http://www.subtangent.com/flash/wordsearch-sample-xml-files-20061023.zip - xml

      the thing as you can test it is that it works perfectly on flash player 6 but when you publish on 11.2 which I need because some functions compatibility it doesn't work at all and it doesn't reconize the xml file and it is displayed the message in the output error opening url 'file ///undefined'

      but on flashplayer it works

      so the code for the xml goes like this


      Código ActionScript :

      if (xmlFile == undefined) {    //debug = "xmlFile: default";    // otherwise this hard coded default is used:    xmlFile = "ws-default.xml";    // xmlFile = "non-existant.xml"; } else {    xmlFile = unescape(xmlFile); } loadWordSearch(xmlfile); getWordList();




      so I though maybe its the way the code calls the xml file so I tried things like this

      Código ActionScript :

      xmlFIle = new XML(); xmlFile.ignoreWhite=true; xmlFile.load("ws-default.xml");  


      and it didnt' work

      and just in case, the flas, swf and xml are on the same folder, the names are correct

      please if you know the answer let me know