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    Copy to DNG on import very slow

    Califdan2 Level 1



      After converting to LR 6.0/CC the Copy to DNG during import has gotten more than 10 times slower (among other things) compared to the same import on the same machine/disk drives using 5.7. 


      It now seems that the conversion to DNG is performed by a separate background task AFTER the import rather than DURING the import.  In 5.7 when I import  CR2's udinh "Copy to DNG, it immediately creates the DNG's in the destination folder as part of the import process.  Now, with 6.0/CC, it seems to first copy the CR2's to the destination folder, then launches a background task (Operation) to convert the CR2's, one by one, to DNG's.   The problem is that the new 2 step process seems to take well over 10 times as much time as the older process. 


      Does anyone else have this issue or know a way to speed this up?  



      Windows 7/pro  x64

      Catalog and destination folder on Ext USB drive

      Source CR2's on internal C drive

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          I noticed LR running VERY slow for the first few times I used it, because (as it turns out) it was running face detection on my entire catalog. Everything was excruciatingly slow. Face detection never completed the first several times I used LR, and closing LR and restarting had the effect of face detection picking up where it left off previously each time.


          I let LR run through the face detection process (on my catalog of nearly 100k images, this took a long time) and since it finished that process, everything got much speedier and my computer wasn't groaning under the strain any more.


          You can also pause or turn off face detection in the little dropdown menu under the identity plate.



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            Califdan2 Level 1

            Thanks Mike,  Good advice.  However I had already turned off Face Recognition as well as Synch with LR Mobile, and Address Look up so those shouldn't be the issue. 


            I'm going to go back to LR 5.7 and do the same import and time it.  Then go to LR 6.0 and import them again to a temp folder and time that one just to verify exactly how much time difference I'm talking about.



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              Same thing here. Do you have your catalog or photo repository on an external drive by any chance?

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                Califdan2 Level 1

                Hi Bfpicepick,


                I do have my catalog and photo folders referenced by the catalog on an external drive. The images I'm importing are on my C: drive.  However I don't think that drive speed is the issue because of a test I did.  I  imported a set of images into LR6 and using a stop watch timed the process (from clicking "Import" in the import dialog to the point where the only thing left active was the

                preview creation task).  I then closed LR, and went back to LR5.7 and did the same import with the same settings from and to a different folder on the same drive (right next to the one I used in the LR6 test) and timed it.  The LR5.7 version completed in almost half the time. 


                I did notice something that could be impacted by using an external drive for the images.  In LR5, it seems to read the RAW file into memory, creates the catalog entries, does the conversion to DNG, then writes the DNG to the destination folder.  In LR6 if seems to read the RAW file into memory, create the catalog entry, then writes the RAW file to the destination folder, then with an additional task, reads the RAW file back from the destination folder, converts it to DNG and then replaces the RAW file with the DNG file in the destination folder.   I figured this out by using Windows Explorer and watching the destination folder along side the task list in the upper left corner of LR.  with LR5, the RAW files never show up in the extenal folder.  With LR6, the RAW files (CR2's in my case) show up in the destination folder first at which time I notice a new "task" in the upper left corner of LR for "converting RAW to DNG" and then I notice in Windows Explorer that one by one the CR2's change to DNG's. 


                Think they changed the internal logic for some reason that is not apparent to me but the net result seems to be double or more read/write operations to/from the destination folder (i.e. write the RAW, and then Read it back in by that new conversion task).


                BTW,  I have the use of GPU card processing turned off as LR in general seems to run faster without the new performance improvements (my graphics card is over 5 years old so probably doesn't have the feature needed for this)



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                  bfpicepick Level 1

                  Yes, I noticed the same thing.
                  I believe the thinking Adobe used was "If they aren't converting to DNG, things will be much faster. If they are converting to DNG, they can work on their images while the conversion is going on."


                  Of course, converting to DNG while working on images in the same catalog slows everything down.


                  Thanks for the reply!