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    Nikon D7200 camera profiles-custom not showing up



      I have developed several custom camera profiles using the Xrite colorchecker passport charts.

      I can open a file, NEF(raw) shot with a D700 (full frame body) in Photoshop or Lightroom 6, and if I choose  camera profiles(calibration), my profiles appear there, and even custom profiles for bodies OTHER THAN the D700 (such as my D2X profiles that I developed) appear there. I see the custom ones I have developed along with the canned ones that Adobe puts in, using both Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6.


      If I open a NEF file shot with the D7200 (DX crop body, pretty new), in Photoshop or Lightroom 6, none of my custom profiles appear (not for my D7200 or the D700 or the D2X) and only Adobe lists "Flat, Landscape,Mono, Neutral, Portrait, Standard, Vivid", which are the ones from Nikon I believe. That is it.


      I would like to be able to use xrite developed camera calibration profiles.  Does anyone have a solution? My problem seems limited to the D7200 model.


      Thanks, Debra


      I have worked out the problem. I am not sure what caused my profiles to fail to show up in the list under "camera calibration" in both LR6 and CS6. I re-did my dcp profiles using the Xrite colorchecker passport and I manually drew a crop box around the one set of colors (My passport has 3 sets - one white for the white balance, one with "portrait" colors, and one with I guess landscape colors. I drew the crop around the landscape colors and the profile was created and I went into both Cs6 and also LR6 and the custom profile does appear now, under a nef file examined  and shot with a D7200.

      Hope this helps others. Apparently, I had created a profile but it must have been a bad one previously, that LR6 and CS6 did not "like" or recognize with a correct set of directions for a camera calibration profile.



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