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    had adobe flash player in samsumg but when updates started it now says it wont take it?


      My Samsung just did some updates and it does not take adobe flash player, but I had it because I was playing a game called Farmville 2 with some friends. So I dont understand why I had it and it was playing fine in my Samsung than for it all of a sudden after updates to be told it does not take it.

      I got up to level 35 or 36 so that should tell you that I played the game but with all that has happened I may be back to square 1, with trying to get a flash player to make it work. But it only takes adobe from the looks of it.

      so plz try to fix this so I can play my game. It also helps with my pain  management so I do take more pain pills than I take on a regular bases.

                             Thank you for your help