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    Who Refunds costs invested during 2015 in Forms Central (2,000 USD in form creation services, my fee for the service, plus wasted time) ???


      Who do I talk to at Adobe about the total waste of time you have put us through since subscribing to Forms Central in early 2015?


      Why, if you knew you would close down this service, did you allow subscriptions for 1 year?


      We paid around 2,000 USD to get a designer creating forms. NEVER USED - what would be the point? we were just about to launch and you announced the closure of your service.


      So, i would love to hear from you about:


      1: refund of subscription

      2: reclaiming costs we have incurred in external design

      3: We have other Adobe products - whats the chance you cancel other services?


      please note, i manage digital for a 4Billion dollar company.


      I do look forward to your answers.



      Richard Baker