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    After Effects 3D overlapping heavy scene

    maxim zy

      Hi there,

      i got a problem with a 3d scene in AE. I got about 200 elements in my comp, all 3d layers.There is one big ground plane and many other objects (trees, fences ....)

      when I skip through the scene in preview mode with very low res, everything looks fine, but when i go to final render, some objects sticking in the ground are visible.

      As soon as i start deleting some objects in the scene, die depth of pixels visible through the ground slowly decreases.

      One example to clearify this a bit: I got a photo of a house sticking in the ground, so about 100 pixels in height shouldn't be visible. And the shadow the house casts works fine. Only the really visble pixels cast a shadow. But some overlapping issues let the lower part of the photo look through the ground ...

      Does anyone know a solution for this problem?

      Thanks a lot!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without actually seeing your comp at full res nobody can tell you much. From shallow viewing angles causing clipping issues to insufficient shadow map resolution whacking things to the usual filtering causing soft edges out to any number of other things this could be anything. That said, regardless of how it is, AE's 3D is quite limited and you may want to investigate better options like using "real" 3D plug-ins such as Element 3D.