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    ricoh gr raw effects


      I'm shooting raw on my new Ricoh GR (2012 model) and want to bring my raws in to LR with the monochrome effect I shot with - but LR strips it out as soon as the files are imported. How do I keep the look I shot in camera? I want that Ricoh GR monochrome look - and I don't want to have to attempt to recreate it in LR.


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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom only knows about the RAW photograph itself, and will not display any in-camera adjustments such as black and white effects.


          When you first see the image in Lightroom, it shows you the JPG preview (which does include in-camera adjustments) for a few seconds until Lightroom can generate its own rendering of your RAW photograph, and this will have none of the in-camera adjustments. There is no way to turn this off.


          If you really want those in-camera adjustments, you need to use the manufacturer's software, or shoot JPG.

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            Susan Sermoneta

            I have the same question.  I shoot raw + jpg sometimes, and want the Daido effect, but lightroom doesn't download the .jpg files and strips away the daido effect from the raw files.  Is there a workaround?

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              elie-d Level 4

              In both cases above the solution requires a little initial input from the LR user,  but after that first time quarter-hour or so you can have the "look" at the press of a button. Shoot a Raw + jpg with the desired camera processing set. Import both files and then edit the Raw until it looks like the jpg (or looks better - after all, the main reason for shooting Raw is to have extensive control over the processing rather than blindly letting the camera do it, in the belief that you can do a better job than a camera with its limited means and wholesale discarding of image data). Once you have edited the Raw to your taste, simply save all those LR Develop settings as a preset and henceforth, simply by clicking on the preset you will have your "look". Or you can set the preset box in the Import dialog to the desired preset and it will be automatically applied.


              If you aren't willing or able to invest those fifteen minutes, perhaps you should reconsider whether the combination of Raw and a third-party converter is appropriate for you.

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                Keith_Reeder Level 4

                Susan Sermoneta wrote:


                Is there a workaround?

                Only to create your own version of it, as Elie suggests. Lightroom cannot read, use or apply manufacturer/camera-specific effects.

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                  markr9209354 Level 1

                  In Preferences > General > check the box that says "Treat JPEG Files Next To Raw Files As Separate Photos"



                  How to set import preferences in Lightroom