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    Source document filename in PDF meta


      When I export a PDF, I like to have the filename of the source INDD document somewhere in the meta of the PDF.

      This way it's easy to track the source document, especially when one master INDD serves many different PDF exports, with no matching filenames.


      I noticed that InDesign automatically puts the INDD filename in the title meta field of every PDF when a PDF/X… standard is set.

      However, I don't like to set a PDF/X standard for files for the web. Since it's not optimize for web PDF's and it greatly increase the filesize (even with web-like resolution and compressions settings).


      document properties.png

      pdf standard.png


      Is there a way to add the filename somewhere for non PDF/X… files exported from InDesign?

      It doesn't matter how or in which meta field it's embedded.


      And if possible, adding even more meta stuff like page-number(s), enabled layers, conditional text settings, PDF export settings,… would be great!


      EDIT: some topics exist on this already (couldn't find them before). However all solutions involve having to remember to run a script.