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    Scripts For indesign

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      Hello all.  I'm wondering if there is a script for indesign that allow me to put the file name/ and Color Identifiers at the bottom of the Document.  Also that will all me to place the information Where i want it.  For ex....   I want to Send a job to plates and rather than Manually entering the Filename - Date and time - and Colors on the Bottom of the Plate/FIle.  I know that when i go to export a file or print a file there is Check box to put the page information on the file and it does what i want however it put the information too far down on the Plate.  It adds the information down in the bend area of the plate and that does not get Burnt or Processed in that area.  I need a script to move the information up so we can read it. 

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          cbishop01 Level 2

          Ok i finally got the Page info to show up correctly.  Now is there a script to show the Colors on the files. at the bottom of the plate?  I can enter them manually and thats not a problem it would just be faster and more efficient if Indesign would do it automatically.

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            Daniel Sterchi Level 3

            Hi cbishop01


            Do you have an example of what you want to achieve (screenshots)?


            kind regards


            Daniel (from Switzerland)

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              DBLjan Level 3

              Hello Bishop,

              dont know if you know: If you seperate your output, InDesign labels the plates/output with the color used. 

              Maybe thats what youre looking for…




              Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-01 um 10.52.10.png

              Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-01 um 10.52.02.png

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                cbishop01 Level 2

                That is exactly what i want.  Do i have to print the PDF to Postscript for that?  We Export them directly to our rip here.  and i dont have that function when i Export.  I can print then distill them however will i lose any quality doing so?

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                  DBLjan Level 3

                  Its the normal print dialog, who lets you do stuff like seperate your print colors.


                  What I dont understand: I assume you supply your RIP with PDFs (throu a hotfolder maybe), but which roll does InDesign play there?


                  I guess your workflow looks like this:

                  Document in InDesign –> Export to PDF –> feed RIP the PDF –> get plates


                  You could do this:

                  Document in InDesign –> Print to Printer (whichm is the RIP) with colors seperated –> get plates


                  If you export thru InD, what may happen in the background is this:

                  Document in InDesign –> Writing Postscript -> Feeding that to AcrobatDestiller -> get a PDF (…maybe InD uses an internal PDF engine similar to Destiller to speed that up)


                  You have to do some test, but you can definitly feed you RIP other stuff, if its not toooo old.

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                    cbishop01 Level 2

                    Yes.  WE go throuhg Harliquin RIP and it does not support PS files.  THat is why we just print directly to the "Hot FOlder" and from there We go though First Proof and if all is good we Got to plates.  Most of the time we use Preps 7 to output the jobs however when we get busy i help out and use indesign We only have one copy of Preps as it is expensive.   When i use Indesign the workflow is as follows.  Document in Indesign > Export to PDF > RIP > then plates as you have above.  If our Rip could handle PS files i would print to it however it does not.  I'll Play around with it and see if PS files are supported i'm just going off what the Main person that sends files to Plates said.  But i will test it to be sure.  Thanks for all your help.

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                      samba22ras Level 1

                      Hi cbishop01,


                      First, I would not recommend looking into sending your files out of Indesign as postscript if your normal process is a PDF workflow. Postscript does not support certain features on various output devices.When outputting postscript from Indesign you may run into issues in CMYK printing when dealing with pdfs and other artwork that contain certain transparency effects and blending modes which may not be interpreted well by the postscript or may not flatten correctly.


                      My employer uses an Indesign script we developed that may be something similar to what you are looking to accomplish. If your plate files are always the same dimension you can create an imposition template file in Indesign with job info, color swatch, date and time and what ever else you would like build into the imposition template. You can use an Indesign script to automatically update the template each time you print to PDF (which can be done by adding a custom menu item for ease).


                      If the plate files vary from file to file you can convert the file name, time, color name text frames into an Indesign library item and just drop it into the desired position on each individual plate setup.You won't have to edit those items, you will only be placing one grouped element where you want it to go.


                      Is this something that will work for you?



                      (example of a plate file template)




                      (example of color slug library element)


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                        cbishop01 Level 2

                        That is exactly what i'm wanting to do.

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                          cbishop01 Level 2

                          Would you happen to have a script or be willing to walk me through how to build it?