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    Error message "This action cannot be completed...."

    Bob Gates Level 2

      I am getting the following message when I try to open Lightroom CC 2015:


      “This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose switch to to activate the busy program and correct the problem.”  If I click “switch” it takes me to the start menu.  Sometimes LR then starts, sometimes I need to force close from Task Manager and start again.


      I am on 64 bit Windows, and started getting this message after installing the CC 2015 version of Lightroom, having previously used LR 5.7 standalone (now deleted).


      I have done a search, and I see that a number of people are having this problem, but no solution has been found.  I tried a number of suggestions from other people with this problem:


           Make sure I am not clicking the icon twice

           Delete the SL cache folders

           Delete and reinstall all CC programs

           Use the Adobe CC cleaner tool (this took me most of a morning and didn’t solve the problem).


      It would be really great if there was someone who knew what was causing this and how to resolve it.