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    Why does my installation of Adobe Flash Player fail on my Macbook Pro?

    mary d.p4528X

      Installation of Adobe Flash Player_17au_ta fails on my Macbook Pro OS 10.8.5


      I have followed all the steps in "Flash Player Help / Installation problems« Mac OS

      https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-rvm.html#main-p ars_heading_10


      I have successfully run the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller. And I still get this message (in the installation 3 of 3 window) " Adobe Flash could not be installed".  I did a restart after the uninstall before running the new version 17 installation (Firefox and all software programs closed)


      My browser is Firefox 37.0.2


      FYI-I have Flash CS6 v. installed on this computer, I removed the Flash Player in the folder.


      As per instructions, I set Adobe preferences to allow Adobe to install updates, and closed Firefox (and closed all programs) to uninstall and install.