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    Cinema 4D Lite And After Effects / unable to move or import 3D Model form Cinema 4D into an After Effects comp.

    Bobs your uncle Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      As I have been able to make a 3D Model in Cinema 4D of a Red Apple. thats it nothing else. just the model itself.


      Premise for the Apple is that its part of a Company logo.

      to move the Apple into its proper place in the Company logo and finish whats needed.



      I have started on the Company Logo in AE and now I would like to move the Apple into this Comp. I have tried many times to figure out how to do this and no luck.

      Tutorials etc. if you could please see the images. the Apple is to be added to the bottom 3D text Comp.


      i have watched the best of Adobe professionals and I still cant get it. maybe I am over my head on this. or its staring right in the face but dont see it.


      any help would be really appreciated.


      Best regards and many thanks!


      Bob Joynt