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    Develop for standalone & web including Apple platforms?

    CPedrick Level 1

      I have an interactive calculator that I need to develop to run on all browser platforms (IE9 and above, FireFox, Safari, Chrome) and also as a standalone where there is no internet connectivity and where the Flash player is not supported (like the iPad for example)


      I have currently developed it in Edge Animate, but I am having issues with IE9 and, of course, can't export it from there to a standalone package. So I am wondering if Flash might be the better tool to use now that I see if supports HTML Canvas development.


      1. Flash used to be able to export to an .exe file for standalone, but I don't see that option now. Does it still exist? If not, is there some replacement? Will it run on an iPad?

      2. If I develop the app in Flash, can I export to HTML/Javascript/CSS to run on Apple platforms and then export the same file to run standalone, or do I have to develop twice?