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    Recommended Media File Size for 56kbs connection

      What would be the largest single media file size when developing an adobe presenter course deployed through and LMS keeping the min connection to 56kbs in mind?

      Our current standard is trying to keep each media file under 200k. Our courses typically have audio and this is where it becomes an issue. The audio quality suffers by publishing it out to a low quality. I would love to be able to publish our courses with the best setting, but this bloats the mp3 file to be quite large. Is a 200k file to strict for a min connection of 56kbs? Should the mp3 be optimized before being imported into the breeze presentation?

      Any tips or best practices would be helpful.

      Thanks in Advance!!!
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          Yes, reading other articles, record in MP3 outside Presenter and then import the MP3 audio. MP3 audio is already compressed and Presenter may add a little more compression.

          I would also try to optimise other bits and pieces in the PPT, like having the same font rather than all different ones and optimising image qualitly, lessen the qualitly of your back ground images.

          The other option is a hassel but an option, have 2 PPT files, one high res and one low res.

          Remember that Breeze does stream to internet connections. The end result of the user being able to play the Presentation will be the same regardless of the internet connection. Internet speed is only about the speed of whihc it can download.