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    Annoying download problem :(


      Good evening everyone,


      I have my serial number to install Adobe Elements Premiere 12, and I've downloaded the software from the official Abode website, but I've encountered a very annoying problem.


      I use Windows 7 64-Bit. There would be no logical cause of compatibility problems.

      After the successful download, there are two files - shown below. As you can see, there are only two files.


      Files in Folder.jpg


      I double click on the executable file and click run, but I see the following.

      First error message.jpg

      That is as far as I get.


      However, I also used another method. Using Firefox to download the two files, I also simply ran the executable file from the downloads folder but I get this error message:

      2nd Message.jpg

      And then this one:


      The last one, straight after the others, is:


      Final Message.jpg

      That's three error messages in succession. I've downloaded many things before and I just can't see why this isn't working. I even installed Photoshop using this method on the same day, it was fine. The files are in the same folder, in both methods I've tried. I've tried different file destinations. I am running Windows as an Admin. There is, of course, plenty of space on my harddrive. The error messages are nonsensical. I am not able to simply use the CD provided with the purchase because I have misplaced it. Any advice?


      - Josh

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          From where are you downloading Premiere Elements 12?



          Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools


          Are you doing this download and install with antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?

          Have you updated the Adobe Application Manager?

          Adobe - Adobe Application Manager : For Windows : Adobe Application Manager


          If you have been downloading the files from the first link shown above, please try the other.

          For the second link, carry out carefully the web site's "Note: Very Important Instructions" to avoid an Access Denied Message.


          The ideal should be for both the .7z and .exe to be on the computer, and you double click the .exe first to do the extraction and automatic installation should follow.


          Please review and consider. We will be watching for your results. Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.





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            joshuaf808098 Level 1

            Hello ATR,


            Thanks so much for your reply. The source of my download is Download Premiere Elements products | 13, 12, 11, 10


            The first link takes me to the one I am using. The second link is for Adobe Premiere Elements 13, the wrong one. My serial number is for version 12.


            I can't disable my AV/Firewall - these things prevent malicious software, I couldn't disable them. The software has a verified publisher anyway, so I'm sure this won't make a difference.


            Any other suggestions?


            - Josh

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              The second link is for Premiere Elements 12, not 13 as you believe.

              Please read again the "Note: Very Important Instructions" of the web site.


              You are going to be on the web site's page for Premiere Elements 12 where you start out, minimize that web page,

              a. As per the instructions, go to the Adobe web site, sign in, to Downloads. Do not attempt to download Premiere Elements 13 which is current displaying as the download at the Adobe web site.

              b. Instead, maximum the original web site page for Premiere Elements 12 and scroll down to the links to select the files that you need downloaded to your computer. Make sure there is a match between 32 or 64 files for 32 or 64 bit computer.


              Please give the instructions another read.

              Adobe to get authenticated

              PDT web site from which to download the files


              When there are problems with these downloads, one of the issue can be the vulnerability of the .exe file to your firewall(s) and antivirus. So, we may have to talk about that some more depending on how things go. Temporary disabling the antivirus and firewall(s) may be necessary.


              Please consider. We will be watching for further developments.