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    Master Page footer not displaying on some topics

    cc1864nv Level 1

      Hello, I am using RH HTML 11 and have created a Master Page with headers and footers and applied it to all topics (500+) in my project as every topic must display the same header/footer info.   The problem is, the footer does not show up in about 10 topics (in either the preview, generated, or published version).  I can see the placeholder in the HTML of those topics <?rh-placeholder type="footer" ?>, yet the footer appears as an empty box in the Design view of the topics – not with the actual content of the footer which I see on the other 490+ topics with the Master Page applied (not sure why it is doing that). (Meanwhile, the Master Page header appears and works just fine on all topics). I double-checked that the Master Page is applied and is set up correctly. I tried removing it and reapplying it to the 10 topics, but nothing changed. 

      What else should I do? Thanks in advance!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For those topics, does it show in the output after you generate? If so, and if I were in your shoes, I'd not bother too much with it. You will likely spend far more time trying to determine exactly why it happens than you care to.


          Hazarding a guess, My own guess is that there is some obscure piece of code that may be causing it. Or maybe it's a pathing issue. For example, do the topics exhibiting the behavior all share a common folder? Maybe the folder has an odd name using a special character?


          Cheers... Rick

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            cc1864nv Level 1

            The footer does not show in the output after the project is generated (if it did, I wouldn't be worried ).


            The topics that aren't showing the footer are indeed all in the same sub-folder. There are others in the folder that have the MP applied and do work as expected, but for some reason there is this group of ten that does not work. There are no special characters in the topic names or folder, and I checked for strange code in the HTML and didn't notice anything unusual.


            Also, just now I tried making a new topic (still in the same sub-folder)  and copy/pasting the content into it and reapplying the Master Page - the footer displayed in the Design view but not in the preview (using Ctrl+W) pane! When I tried to generate the project, I got a pop-up telling me I had made changes to the Master Page (I hadn't) and did I want to save that across all Master Pages or just make changes to the current topic and disassociate the Master Page.


            I will try making a new location (sub-folder) and create new topics from scratch. I won't copy/paste the content - I'll just rewrite it although I was hoping to get around that. Hopefully that will work.


            Is there anything else I should check? Thanks!

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              cc1864nv Level 1

              Okay, this is bizarre - I was just playing around with some things in my topics and just found out that the disappearing footer is caused by one specific table in the topics (it was copy/pasted into all of those ten topics whose footers weren't working).  When I deleted the table, the footer appeared normally... on all topics!


              There is nothing in the HTML that I can see that would help me understand why the table is having this effect....but at least I know what to do now to  make the Master Page footer appear again and don't have to entirely recreate the topics - I will delete the faulty table and build a new one.  


              Thanks for your help!

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                So the table is exactly the same in all ten topics? If so, I think I'd create a snippet, paste the table in the snippet and insert the snippet in the topics. That way if the table ever needs to change down the road, you only need to change it in one place. And perhaps the Snippet Code wrapping the table will prevent the issue of the disappearing footer!


                Cheers... Rick

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                  I had this same issue, and it was my tables too.

                  In the HTML for a table there was garbage like;

                  border-top: ""="



                  Manually deleting the rubbish code didn't resolve the issue - it would only reappear upon reopening the topic. Instead, I had to copy a 'clean' table from another topic. Then I had to reapply the Master Page to the topic. All fixed.