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    Search on title, too!

      When searching for a theme, please search on the title of themes as well. E.g. Searching for "Spice" should turn up any theme with "spice" in the title.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Search includes theme titles. I just tried it with "wine" and "spice." Sign in before you search (I realize this is not intuitive from the interface). Hope this helps!
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            Broofa Level 1
            Hmm... are you sure? I published a scheme called "Flamingo Fall" this a.m. (it's even received a rating or two), but searching for "Flamingo" doesn't return any results. Maybe it takes a while for the indexes to update?
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee

              FYI, having to sign in for Search is actually a bug and we're fixing it. Thanks for the heads up.
              Looking into the Case of Missing Flamingo Falls.

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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Hi, check it now. We are tweaking the indexing of search.
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                  Broofa Level 1
                  Okay, I'm seeing Flamingo Fall now. Looks like it's just a timing thing - I created a new scheme "Hot & Bothered" which doesn't show up in searches for "Bothered", but I suspect will show up once your index updates (tonight sometime...?)

                  The latency in updates isn't a big deal... probably not something users, including myself, will care too much about as long as it eventually works.

                  Thanks for the quick response. Oh, and _love_ Kuler, btw - I just stumbled across it this a.m. for the first time. Wonderful example of how to Web2.0-ify a nifty little app. Congrats!
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                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                    Glad you like kuler! Thanks for the kudos, I'lll pass it along to the team.
                    The indexing is more often, I can see your theme now.

                    Out of curiosity, how did you find out about kuler? How do you think you might use it in the future?

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                      Broofa Level 1
                      Kathy Sierra mentions you in the latest Passionate Users blog, here:

                      I guess you folks sent her a t-shirt. :-)

                      As for how I'll use Kuler... well... I'm more a software developer than a graphic designer. I'll probably use Kuler from time to time to pick colors for various UIs, but the most interesting part of it is the [non-existent] API for accessing the gallery of tagged/rated themes that you have. If I had a way to offer these themes as skins to my users (and let them create their own?!?), that'd be pretty darn cool/useful. But to do that there's a couple enhancments needed...

                      - An API for accessing themes
                      - A license that allows this kind of use (actually, it looks like the existing TOS doesn't preclude this, so simply formalizing the API might be enough)
                      - Ability to have more than 5 colors/theme
                      - Ability to name each color in a theme (e.g. "titlebar background") so there's an easy/obvious way to map those to the corresponding UI element in the app.