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    'InDesign CC 2014 has stopped working' - help?


      InDesign has stopped working for me in the past few days or so.

      I was using it last Friday for most of the day while at college and it was fine. I went to open it on Tuesday morning, having not used it since then and the message 'Indesign CC 2014 has stopped working' started to appear. I went through the troubleshooting methods on Tuesday: deleting my preferences, running as the administrator, doing a clean uninstall and install twice. It worked again on Tuesday night and when I opened it on Thursday morning but when I went to open it up today the message started appearing again. I've repeated the same steps as Tuesday, as well as trying a system restore and disabling my start up preferences.

      I need InDesign for my college classes, I've had no trouble with it up until now and the other CC apps I mainly use (AI/PS) are still working fine. I'm running windows 8.1.

      Any help would be much appreciated!