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    Can you help me find my LR4 Catalog?


      I've suddenly lost all link to my only catalog, with a message "No photos in selected Folder. Subfolders not shown."  How do I utilize the saved backup, and is that the correct "fix"? Thanks.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Check your recent catalog list just in case you created a new catalog by mistake.



          To use a backup catalog:

          Open Finder/Explorer.

          Navigate to your folder containing the backups of your catalog.

          Go into the folder for the most recent catalog backup.

          Copy the LRCAT file to a new location, near the old catalog would be good but do not overwrite the old catalog.

          In LR, open the copy of the backup by going to menu:/file/open-catalog/

          and navigating to the copy you just made.

          Do not directly open the catalog in the backup folder.