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    Script for Data merge InDesign CC server 2014


      I am executing following script for data merge operation. Not generating any error, But neither it merge data from csv data source into new indd file.


      var myFile = new File("E:/*.indd");


      var myDocument = app.open(myFile);

      Script for Data merge InDesign CC server 2014

      with (myDocument.dataMergeOptions) {

      linkImages = true;

      removeBlankLines = false;

      createNewDocument = true;

      documentSize = 100;

      } // (end of dataMergeOptions)


      myDocument.dataMergeProperties.selectDataSource(new File ('E:\Employees.csv'));



      myDocument.save(new File("E:/*indd"));

      myDocument.close ();



      I am working on InDesign CC Server 2014 with ExtendScript toolkit.