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    What is the best way to process Fuji X-T1 RAW files (RAF files) in Lightroom CC 2015?


      I just bought a Fuji X-T1 and took it out for first day shooting.  The images look terrific on the back of the camera, and the JPG's look fine as well.  I usually shoot only in RAW (Nikon D7200 -> Nikon NEF files), and Lightroom CC handles the RAW conversion flawlessly.  When I attempted to import and process the Fuji RAF files the Lightroom previews look bland and a little fuzzy; processing in Develop requires huge adjustments, and the local adjustments do not work properly.  For example, the neutral gradient filter can be placed initially, but then not moved or rotated.  Similarly, in Library there are some areas of the image where a "hand" appears under the cursor and the image can be enlarged, other areas where only the cursor pointer appears and clicking moves to the next image.


      What's up?  Doesn't Adobe speak Fuji?