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    Lightroom cc and Perfect Photo suite 9.5

    jjajayi Level 1

      Everytime a a take an image to Photoshop cc, after the adjustment  and save the image, I can see the new image in my collections.

      But if i take images to Perfect Photo suite 9.5 and make my adjustment save the image, comeback to Lightroom CC the new image is not in my collections but in the Folder.

      How can get this to dump into my collection.


      Thank you

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          Gene McCullagh Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Hi John!


          The difference is that when you edit via Photoshop you are getting there from the external editor menu but going to Perfect Photo is via the plugin extras menu. The plugin extras menu is essentially an export and import workflow. So the edited version is "imported" and it does not know it was part of a collection.




          If you set up the various Perfect Photo components as external editors then you can get the same result as the handoff to Photoshop. However, you have to know which Perfect Photo component you want to use since the overall suite menu/tab system won't be available if you invoke it as an external editor.




          You can set these up in preferences.