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    Lightroom 6 desktop - "Back Up Catalog Not Responding."


      I have Lightroom 6 desktop. Each time I backup and optimize, the following message appears: "Back Up Catalog Not Responding." This is very concerning because if the program doesn't back up it risks all of the edits in thousands of photographs. I checked the Forum, but Adobe has not answered this important question.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          When you backup, in the "Backup Catalog" dialog window, what folder location have you chosen to put the backup?

          Is that location shown? and is it available?  If using a Mac, do you have "permissions" set to allow backup to that location?

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            directordj Level 1

            I should have given my PC basics, which are as follows: HP EMVY Phoenix running Windows 8.1 with Lightroom 6.1. I am the only user of this PC and have all of the needed permissions.


            I have two hard drives. My boot drive is my C:/ drive, which is a 256 GB solid state drive. The LR catalog backup file is named Lightroom 5 DEJ 2010-2016 Catalog-2.lrcat. It is located on that C:/ drive. The relevant folder structure on the C:/ drive is Lightroom OS & Cache/Backups lrcat & lrdata/2015-02-18 1125/Backups/2015-05-30 1040/Lightroom 5 DEJ 2010-2016 Catalog-2.lrcat.zip. That "zip" file says it is a compressed "zip file" at a size of 343,204KB.


            I also have a second 2 TB internal hard drive on which all my pictures reside.


            My conversion from LR5 to LR6 went fine and there was no problem with my backups for several weeks. I should also add that occasionally when I backup and optimize the file is seems to backup OK. However, most of the time it gives me the error message mentioned in my original post.