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    Lightroom CC 2015 import idiosyncracies

    Graeme Finlayson Level 1

      I've recently updated from LR 5.7 to the newer CC 2015 version. I've pretty much always converted my raw files to DNG and have become accustomed to the way LR x.x used to do it, where the raw files are converted to DNG on-the-fly during import. CC seems to do it very differently. Firstly, it copies all of the raw files to the relevant directories according to my import settings, then it converts the raw files to DNG and deletes the raw files as it goes. The problem I have is that every second or third import, it leaves a whole load of Nikon NEF files in the folders, even though the DNG files have been created. I then have to go in and manually remove the NEF files. The first time it happened was a real pain as I'd just run both of my backup routines. After deleting all of the offending NEF files, I then had to run both backups again. Has anyone else observed this behaviour?


      Also, despite some serious hardware upgrades (3.5GHz 6-core CPU -> 4.2 GHz 8-core CPU, 16GB RAM -> 32GB RAM and C:\ drive where the catalogue and previews reside and LR runs from moving to SSD) importing, converting to DNG and building 1:1 previews takes an eternity compared to LR 5.7. What's going on with the new build?


      Other than that, I'm liking some of the new features. The merge to panorama is nothing short of superb! A 14 frame Nikon D800 RAW merge (about 700MB of data to crunch) stitches in a round 2 minutes and the result is simply staggering. Provided there is enough overlap, the stitching is seamless and the final image remains in the DNG format. Previously, I had to do this with PS CC and ended up with a (huge) TIF.