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    Facebook will not authorize with Lightroom


      Using LR 6.0.1. I can't get the Facebook Publish Services to work. Here are my steps.


      1) Export selected photos and make them all .jpg.

      2) Create a new collection of these .jpg photos.

      3) Select ALL photos in new collection.

      4) Double-click on Facebook button which brings up a Lightroom Publishing Manager dialog box and and Error dialog box that says "Information on album could not be retrieved from Facebook".

      5) I click OK on the Error dialog box.

      6) In the Facebook Account section the only button I can click on is Remove Authorization. So I click on it.

      7) Now the only button I can click on is Authorize on Facebook. So I click on it.

      8) This brings up an Authorize on Facebook dialog box that says "You must authorize Lightroom to access your Facebook account. Click on OK to login to Facebook.com then follow the prompts and return to Lightroom to complete the process. So I click on the OK button.

      9) This takes me to the Facebook Login page. I then login to my Facebook account.

      10) I then connect Lightroom with Facebook and I get Success - Your device is now connected. Return to your device to check it out.

      11) I then return to Lightroom.and it still says I'm Not Authorized. So I click on the Authorize on Facebook button again and get the same Success response.

      12) But when I return to Lightroom again it still says I'm Not Authorized.


      What am I doing wrong? I've tried many things including shutting down Lightroom and restarting it and nothing works.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.