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    Adobe CS6 + GTX550 TI - Performances are still slow in editing


      Hello guys,


      I've used Premiere and Effects CS6 for months, and was suffering for slow editing for quite simple projects

      My investigation tells me the CPU is the bottleneck

      So I've recently installed a GPU to enhance the editing performance, but nothing has changed !


      I've set up Premiere and Effects to recognize and use my GPU:

      - Mercury engine is set to GPU under Premiere

      - CUDA driver is recognized under Effects

      (I can see the GPU is taken in account because drop shadows effects are differently rendered from software to hardware renderer)


      I'm very surprised to see nothing has changed in editing timeline: when I play a short sequence (not pre-rendered), it's still very slow, exactly as under Software Renderer ...

      It seems my CPU is still the bottleneck


      My config:

      - Windows 7 64b

      - CPU: Intel i5-4670K

      - RAM: 16Go DDR3

      - Disk: 2 SSDs SATA3

      - GPU: GTX550 Ti


      Kind of projects: dozen of HD H264 video files + dozen of MP3 + HD stills + few layers and effects like keying, sharpness, color management and drop shadows

      But it's still slow even if I deactivate the effects coming from After Effects (keying, color management, sharpening)


      My config is quite recent (2 years), so I would have expected fare more better performance !


      Do you have any idea how I could solve this ?


      Thanks in advance


      Note: GPU drivers are NVidia 314.22: I do not use the more recent one (352) since it seems they are conflicting with my audio drivers and result in black screen

      Could it be possible the 314.22 not performing well with CS6 ?

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          johnb94209528 Level 1

          I'm downloading the Benchmark project to check the results


          For now, exporting a project is taking half the time with GPU enabled than with CPU

          But my goal is definitely to improve performance for playback

          I don't care if my project take 2 hours to be exported, but I'd like to have smooth playback during editing ...

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            cc_merchant Level 4

            Your investigation is largely correct. The CPU is rather weak (no hyper threading) and is not helped by the GPU for non-accelerated effects. See http://ppbm7.com/index.php/tweakers-page/92-what-video-card-to-use In addition, 16 GB is not much and only 2 SSD's is also the bare minimum.

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              johnb94209528 Level 1

              Thanks for you answer

              will then remove the GPU (it still causes me some black screen issues due to driver conflicts at logon) and try to replace my CPU instead ...


              Would an Intel i7 4790 or i7 3930 be a correct choice ?

              Once again, my goal is to avoid lagging during playback / editing. I don't care about rendering time.

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                ...we do not know what material ,or, codecs you are trying to work with and what your motherboard is.  Not all SSDs are alike, either. MANY suffer from poor write performance if they use a Sandforce controller, or, exhibit bad performance when " steady state" is reached, if they are an older model  SSD.


                Even for just 1080p material, your hardware appears weak......may be time to crush it !


                Be aware the newest versions of PPro CC have much better performance than the older versions. This includes the increased use of system memory, the better handling of 4K material, AND the elimination of the old problem of dealing with the 32 bit Quicktime . MOV files generated by Canon cameras and similar 32 bit codecs which used to cripple editing rigs by limiting memory use to 4GB and forcing a 32 bit operation on the native 64 bit PPro. CS does NOT have these improvements.


                These days, especially as 4K is becoming more of a standard, a much beefier PC is required. Even with just 1080p, performance relies on : a fast i7 CPU WITH hyperthreading...the more cores the better....the higher clock speed the better, ( over 4 Ghz is best , overclocked with "k" version). System memory of at least 32GB is required...64 is better. High speed storage is a must. Use only the samsung 850 Pro model,or, the less expensive Crucial M550s...they have good controllers and quality memory for video....most others DONT.


                The newest hardware is amazing......check out Bill Gehrke's X99 machine on his PPBM8 website...it SCREAMS with the new Samsung SM951 PCI SSD as storage and an overclocked i7 Haswell E 5960X CPU running at over 4.5Ghz with EIGHT CORES!


                THAT is what you really need !!....although you can save money and have less, but, still acceptable performance by buying an older,but, recent machine. That approach is not good however as equipment gets outdated so fast. For example, newer Haswell CPUs contain other improvements besides just clock speed that translate to better performance in video editing.

                The newest 9xx series NVidia GPUs also offer the best performance compared to older cards...best to go NEW !!

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                  johnb94209528 Level 1

                  Thank you for the details, and that's sound fun but you're telling me to buy a hammer to simply kill a fly ...

                  I am an amateur, not a pro


                  Resource Monitor is telling me the CPU is higher than 95% whereas the disk usage is about 10MB/s max, and RAM consumption is 9GB on 16.


                  I've pushed further my investigation and I think I have a workflow issue between AEffects and Premiere.

                  When I import a video clip in Premiere (with sequence matching the clip settings), the playback is smooth

                  If I import the clip first in AEffects, then import AE project in Premiere, the playback is laggy !

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                    johnb94209528 Level 1

                    So, finally I have found the issue


                    There were several points that put my computer on the knees:

                    - Max bit depth and Maximum render quality were enabled on every sequence (not needed for preview)

                    - I was using After Effects for the keying (using Keylight) whereas UltraKey from Premiere seems to bring same result with greater performances

                    - Some effecs seems costly in terms of CPU, like color correction or sharpness

                    => once solved, everything goes fine and realtime playback is quite smooth


                    Hope it may help someone in the future !