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    WSDL Target Namespace Wrong

    Andrew_Kamphuis Level 1
      I have an auto generated WSDL file that isn't showing the correct target Namespace - http://www.ewinerysolutions.com/comm/winesyndication.cfc?wsdl -

      Shouldn't the target namespace for that webservice be http://www.ewinerysolutions.com/comm ?? And how can the target namespace that is auto generated?
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          insuractive Level 3
          I have not seen CF autogenerate a namespace like that before. Usually the namespace values that CF generates for my webservices look something like this: http://Directory.web_services

          The difference may only be due to the version of CF I was using to create the WSDLs. Practically, I don't think the actual value of the Namespace matters as long as it is unique inside your WSDL. Coldfusion may just be trying to generate a namespace that it knows is unique to prevent any other namespace collision in the WSDL.