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    Automate RFC3161 timestamps




      I was wondering if there is any possibility (jscript, actions, etc.) to automate RFC3161 timestamps for PDF/A documents. For technical reasons here in Germany I need to separate a qualified electronic signature (provided by our new ID-Cards) and a timestamp, as the former (for whatever stupid reason) does not support timestamps. It would thus be very convenient if I could batch process all PDF/A files in a certain folder and apply an RFC3161 timestamp. The signature needs to be applied with another program (as our ID-cards are not compatible to Acrobat).


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          I believe (but never used myself) there is an Acrobat JavaScript API method timestampSign() on the Doc object which applies the Document timestamp to a PDF, It takes two parameters: SecurityHandler object to be used for signing (same as in the signatureSign() method) and the complete filepath to the where the signed PDF is saved.