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    Eratic behavior: Book, master text frames, and Cross References

    Teilo Level 1

      I am on InDesign 2014.2. Mac.


      I am working on a largish book. About 14 chapters / sections, around 400 pages total. There are also hundreds of cross references, almost all of them anchor references.


      The design of the book is as simple as possible. There are no graphics, only text frames.


      I am using a single Master page, with facing pages and a master text frame. I have used this throughout the production of the book, and the primary text flows worked fine, chapter after chapter. Pages were automatically created, and text flowed automatically.


      I may need to change the page size of the work, and I also have much editing to do which will shorten many of the chapters. I wanted to ensure that all pages were using the primary text flows to make this go as smoothly as possible.


      To my dismay, I have discovered that even though I consistently used Master Text Flows throughout the book, all but three of my chapters have inexplicably lost their master text flows. All frames in these chapters have converted to ordinary frames. As I edit the book, this is playing havoc with pagination and the cross references.


      I attempted to re-establish the master text flow in one of the early chapters. This is easy to do, in theory.

      • Move the frame from the first page off to the side
      • Delete all pages except for the first page
      • Command-Shift-Click on the first page to re-establish the primary text flow
      • Copy and paste the contents of the old frame in to the re-established primary flow.

      When I do this, the pages flow properly, and I am back to having a chapter with a primary text frame on each page. Unfortunately, this breaks all cross references which reference this newly-reflowed chapter, and all forward references within this chapter.

      I have tried doing this every way I could imagine. Deleting only the frames, and not the pages. Trying it without the book loaded. Nothing works. I tried the update cross-references command in the book menu. That did nothing.

      It appears to be impossible to reflow the text into a new primary master frame, without completely breaking the cross references.