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    Font change with text import




      I am using the latest version of InDesign CC 2014 on a iMac 5k, which is about 6 months old.


      I import a lot of text into my documents, and I must be doing something different during the import process than I had done before. When I imported text in the past, it assumed the same font of the paragraph's style.  Now ... when I import text it is in a different font, which means i have to spend a lot of time with reformatting.  What could be causing this problem??





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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          • Are you using InDesign's paragraph style? You should always make your styles in InDesign.
          • Or the imported style from the text which comes probably from Word? You should never use Word's styles from import as they have parameters which are not comparable to InDesign's possibilities.
          • Or did you have a Character Style selected? You should select none character Style when nothing is selected.
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            patrick923@mac.com Level 1

            Thank you for your reply! –


              I always use ID's "paragraph" and "character" styles, but I admit to not checking to see what style is in use when I import text, so I am trying to do a better job with that.   I don't handle many documents in Word....very few - but I will check on that. I write most of the text I am importing on an iPad, and save or export it in a .txt format.


            Since  your post, I've paid closer attention to where the cursor is, and what is selected, when I import text.  I haven't been able to duplicate the problem I was having so frequently.  I will post again here if the problem recurs.  


            Thanks again!,