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    whmsg.js + 8 files are empty

      My project exists on my hard drive. After I compile, I make a zip file for the build. (a new zip file each time). Aftter last week's compile, the online help would not display correctly. On machines with IE7.0,only the TOC displayed, with IE6.5,the entire screen was white, and with 6IE.0 an error message appeared. This information is probably not important, but I was investigating everything.

      Since the only change made since the last build was the addition of text (no settings changes) - I searched through the contents of my WebHelp folder. I found these empty files: whmsg.js, webhelp.jar, whgbody.htm, whgdhtml.htm, whhost.js, whibody.htm, whphost.js, whproj.htm, whskin_blank.htm, whtdhtl.htm, and whthost.js. I looked in my last archive, and found these same files with data.
      I recompiled and now the files have data in them and I am waiting for a build to see if the online help works - which I assume will. Does anyone know why this occurred? Although I may have it fixed for now, It may happen again.and if II'd like to be prepared!
      Thanks, Wendy