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    How to make a tree branch in Cinema 4D Lite

    Bobs your uncle

      Hello everyone,


      As I have been working and learning in Cinema 4D Lite.


      Reproducing a Company Logo which has a very simple few branches from an apple tree. This is illustration based in the appearance of the branch.


      I have been using Adobe Illustrator and Pen tool then moving the Logo into Cinema 4D. So far is text and an Apple. This has been with no issue.


      However as the branches are tubes in structure ( very small structure) and have smaller off shoots. Can someone please suggest the appropriate tools in Cinema 4D Lite. Also there will be Leaves as well.


      Lastly as I am new to Cinema 4D is it okay to discuss, and ask questions about Cinema 4D Lite in Adobe Forum.

      Just want to be respectful to Adobe and the Forum.


      Thanks so much for everyone's help to date and in the future.





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Depends on the actual look. If it needs to match a pre-existing logo it's custom modeling, anyway, not specifically something to do with generating plants. A good place to start are Loft objects, you'll just need one for each branch, bough and twig, so there may be a lot...



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            Bobs your uncle Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            Thanks very much for your input. really great of you.


            not getting though. I have been in search of tutorials or info on " Loft " in regards to branches but no luck. This a very simple Illustration with only a few branches and leaves.

            I guess my issue is I am just not seeing how to make a skinny meandering tube, a few thicknesses and then add leaves after.


            Huge learning curve on this one.


            Thanks Mylenium!