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    cfdocument - cfdocumentsection and cfloop bug

    Doug Cain Level 1
      I am trying to prepare a series of reports from a database and have come across a nasty bug.

      I want to produce n pdf documents so I gather my data with a query and loop through it producing a pdf for each record. This works great until I want to format the pages and use <cfdocumentsection>. As soon as I introduce it inside a loop i get an error "The document has no pages."

      Attached are 3 simple examples to highlight the problem, the 1st works fine, the 2nd fails and if I take the 2nd example and remove the loop for the 3rd example all seems fine again.

      I am running cf enterprise ver 7,0,2,142559 on XP SP2 in multi server mode. Does anyone have any ideas how to generate multiple pdf files with cfdocumentsections using a loop?


      Doug Cain