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    Local saved video wont load External Hard Drive material


      I have a video in Progress (not exported/rendered) which is saved on what I believe is C:/  or locally on this computer. Used to work  fine but all my files were on K:/ which is an external hard drive. I recently got a new computer so have been swicthing things around (ie  I moved the external to the new comp.) I realize that my external hard drive may not be K:/ when i re-plug it into this computer. Despite my trying to plug other USBs in (ie to fill up D:; E; etc, i cannot make my External hard drive my K:/ therfore Adobe Premier Elements will not load any pics/music etc.  and play back as usual. How can i make the program recognize my External drive so it loads my photos/vid and music play locally again without going one-by one (ie "find") individulally which will takes eons!